Monday, January 23, 2012

The Brain Pt. 1

I am getting pretty close on the amps that I am building for this project, so I figured I would share the progress I have made sofar.  I am using modified Lepai amps for the board and making my own enclosure for them out of more bamboo ply.

I started with some ~4 wide pieces that made up the bottom of a sign.  I sectioned into pieces that were about as wide as the amp boards.  I wound up with 6 per board, as there was holes to work around.

I cut half of the blocks in half lengthwise to make up the front and back panels of the amp housing.  I clamped them into a single block and router the corners to have a rounded profile.

I drilled out holes for the potentiometers and used a forstner bit to cut recesses for the knobs.

For more pictures of all of my projects, you can visit my Photobucket.

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